Lazarus recognised as Trusted Expert by @ExpertsExchange

Mike Lazarus - Experts Exchange Trusted ExpertGL Computing is proud to announce that Mike Lazarus has achieved another honour unique to the Act! world.

Experts Exchange has recognised him as a Trusted Expert for 2019 in their new acknowledgement for Certified Professionals.

When a crisis strikes, you want help from experts you can trust. Experts Exchange’s Certified Professionals have real-world experience, maintain top certifications, demonstrate high levels of professionalism, are well-known and remain highly dedicated to sharing their knowledge with users like you.

As the second-highest level of recognition, Trusted Experts have proven to be trustworthy and knowledgeable through their continued professional interactions on site.

Experts Exchange encourages users like you to network with these vetted, passionate individuals who are committed to staying current with certifications and the industry’s latest best practices.

Meet the Certified Professionals - Trusted Experts 

See Mike Lazarus's Profile on Experts Exchange

Mike is also the world’s only Certified Act! Expert – Sanctioned by Swiftpage.

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