Happy 25th Birthday #SageACT!

Smile ACT! was originally released on the 1st of April 1987 – No, not an April Fools’ Joke


How many software product can maintain market leadership over 25 years?

Here are some images from the original hand drawn layout coding of ACT! – click on them to see full-size

ACT! 1.0 Design Screen 2 of 3 ACT! 1.0 Design Screen 1 of 3 ACT! 1.0 Design Screen 3 of 3

This is the original computer used by Randy Haben to code the first ACT! for DOS … an AT&T 8086

The ACT! coding computer

I’ll be posting some more old pictures to the Facebook page here:

To see the history of ACT! timeline, see: The History of ACT!

If you would like some logos to use to celebrate this occasion, I have designed some (together with Geo of SJR) and made them available on this Dropbox page. There are various sizes so you can put them on websites, blogs, Facebook/twitter profile images, email sigs. The PNG files are transparent so will work on backgrounds of any colour.


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