ACT! for Notes 9.0 is ready for Shipment!

ACT! for Notes 9.0 will instantly increase user enthusiasm, user adoption, deliver results and help you get more of what you value most - TIME!

ACT! for Notes 9.0 is Simple Efficient and Easier to Use.
Seeing is believing, so schedule your web demo, request a Free demo and check out our below videos.  
Below are only a couple of reasons that ACT! for Notes 9.0 will Help Save you Time and make you more Productive.
Partial List of New Features
Web Search Action Buttons - integrate with endless on-line social media and reference resources, directly from your ACT! for Notes database. ACT! for Notes 9 brings you visibility to relevant contact information residing in Google News™, Weather, LinkedIn®, and Facebook right to your desktop.  You can add new or change existing searches on your own!  (see AFN 9.0 Preview below)  
Contact and Company Forms  - Redesigned forms give AFN users a "360-degree view" of ALL RELATED INFORMATION including : Activities, Notes, Sales Opportunities, individual contacts at a company, account billing info, and attachments such as contracts, proposals, and much more.  (see AFN 9.0 Preview below)
Enhanced Search Capabilities - A new "Output to Folder" option provides AFN users post query flexibility using broadcast e-mails, mass security, mail merges and much more!  (Click the below Play Button) 
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Context-Sensitive On-line Help - All End User and Administration Help information has been upgraded and placed on-line and available from within ACT! for Notes. New, Context-sensitive help has been designed to give AFN users quick assistance.   AFN users can access Help within AFN by simply clicking F1.
Create an Activity from within the Calendar View - An AFN will user can quickly create a scheduled Activity document directly from the calendar view.   
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Navigation Pane - New, easier to use Accordion style Navigation Pane.
PREVIEW ACT! for Notes 9.0  
AFN Capt Blue
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