ACT! 2009 11.1 Hot Fix 2 Released.

Who Should Install This Hot Fix
Hot Fix 2 for ACT! version 11.1 may resolve your issues if:

  • You are using the ACT! for Web Client and see an error message when attempting to open an attachment that has a Microsoft® Office extension (such as .doc, .xls, and so forth.)
  • You are an ACT! for Web user who has installed 11.1 Hot Fix 1 and sees a deterioration in the speed ACT! List View information is updated.
  • You are experiencing compatibility issues with eGrabber or other 3rd party products.
  • You are seeing date/time on template names after a database synchronization when there isn’t any file conflict.
  • You are an ACT! for Windows® or ACT! for Web user seeing a "No records found" message after sorting on a custom field in the Contact, Group, or Company List view.
  • You are upgrading from any of the following versions of ACT!: 3.x, 4.x, 5.x (2000) or 6.x (2004) to an International English version of 11.1, and have not yet converted your database.
  • You are an ACT! Premium for Web user and all of your activities do not appear in the task list.
  • You are an ACT! Premium for Web user and have problems loading list views.

The following table list the areas affected by the hot fix, description, and the effect of the hot fix for each known issue.

New in Hot Fix 2
Area Description What the Fix Does
Attachments ACT! for Web users operating in an environment that uses SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) are unable to open an attachment if it has a Microsoft Office extension such as .doc or .xls. Enables users to open Microsoft Office documents in a SSL environment.
Performance ACT! for Web users find that List View information updates slowly after 11.1 Hot Fix 1 has been installed. Removes the performance degradation.

Fixed in Hot Fix 1
Area Description What the Fix Does
Contact Records In databases upgraded from version 3.x, 4.x, 5.x (2000) or 6.x (2004), the create date on Contact records changes to the current date instead of retaining the original create date. Prevents the create date from being changed if the hot fix is applied before the database is converted.
Column and spillover tables Error Message "No records found" displays when the user sorts on a field. When the user sorts on a field, the sort displays the correct data.
Synchronization File synchronization is adding a date/time stamp to file names, even when there is no conflict. Layouts, queries, and reports will not be renamed after synchronizing.
ACT! for Web list views If the user has more than 10 activities, all may not appear in the task list. Also, the loading icon remains on the screen. Allows the correct number of records to be shown in the list views.
SDK SDK 11.1exceptions resulted in third party programs encountering errors. Ensures compatibility with eGrabber and other 3rd party products.

For more information, refer to the ACT! KB25056

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