New Handheld Contact Consoles

New versions of the HHC console have been released. Here are the release notes.


  • Fixed a syncing problem that would occur if one users account was disabled.  Now disabled accounts set to sync will not interrupt syncing for other users.
  • Fixed a syncing problem with Private Data being sent to the handheld when the Sync Private Data checkbox was unchecked. Now, if the checkbox is unchecked Private Data will not be sent.
  • Fixed a problem with creating the auto-sync group if the computer's time was set to a 2 digit year instead of a 4 digit year. Now, the auto-sync group will be created regardless of the Date/Time settings.
  • Fixed a rare problem with the middleware server not sending data to the desktop console.  Now the desktop console will continue to request the data until the middleware has responded.
  • Increased the maximum number of contacts that can sync to BlackBerry and Windows Mobile - Handheld Contact for BlackBerry can now sync 3000 contacts and Handheld Contact for Windows Mobile can now sync 15000 contacts!
    Note: 15,000 contacts for Windows Mobile is only available for ACT! 2008/2009

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