IIS Installation and Lockdown with Networking Basics

From Networking and Server Basics through to Installing and Locking Down Microsoft Internet Information Server.

When ACT! first released a web version (for ACT! 6.0), most of the consultants at the time had no experience with IIS. Many had little real networking skills as these weren't really required for most ACT! implementations.

As one of the few with these skills (I was a CNE), I was asked to train ACT! Certified Consultants in IIS installation and Lockdown. In order to do this properly, I produced this document covering:
  • Networking terms and other basics
  • IIS definitions and installation
  • What you need to protect your server from
  • How to configure and secure IIS
The document was so well received that it became used as a training guide for technical support staff at organisations such as Symantec and Sage.

While the examples are specific to IIS 5 on Windows 2000, the general ideas are also applicable to the recent releases and so I thought I would post it publicly here for others to use as an educational guide.

If I get the time and there is any demand, I may update it for the current versions of IIS.

If you download this document and have any thoughts on it or find it useful, please add a comment to this post.

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