Display LinkedIN, Google Maps and others in Tabs or Outlook in Dashboard

For ACT! 2008 users (10.02 or 10.03) or ACT! 2009 users (11.0 or 11.1) with LinkedIN accounts (if you don't have one, get one as it's free), I posted two useful freebie plug-ins to the ACT! Fanatics Group:
  1. WebContext Browser - Displays LinkedIn profiles in a tab, it can also display Google maps, Plaxo Lookup, Jigsaw lookup, US WhitePages Reverse Telephone lookup, WhitePages Reverse Address lookup, and Yelp. Can be customised to add other sites.
  2. Outlook inside ACT! Dashboard - Shows customisable Outlook Inbox and Calendar and Contact folders inside of an ACT! Dashboard. You can use them as you would from Outlook
Very worth-while functions for any user to add to the product. For developers, source-code is available if you want to modify it.

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