New Handheld Contact releases - console and clients

Now available - new releases for desktop console and both clients. The major change is support for ACT!'s Custom Activity Types. After updating, you will need to re-send all data to the device

As soon as it's available, you will be able to download the new console from and the new clients by pointing device browser to

Below are the detailed release notes:

Desktop Console Version
  • Added support for custom activity and history types. Previously, any custom types were synced to the handheld with the label "custom" rather than the label used in ACT!. Now, the correct label will appear on the handheld as it does in ACT!.
  • Added an additional default mapped field. Now, "Personal email" is automatically mapped and synced.
  • Added 64-bit OS support.
  • Improved add user wizard by detecting if the ACT! account selected is either "restricted' or "browse". Handheld Contact requires an ACT! account that's capable of modifying records.
  • Improved installation wizard to prevent non-admin users from installing Handheld Contact.
  • Fixed a rare display issue that made it seem as if multiple auto-sync groups were selected for a user when in fact only their own auto-sync group was selected.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented inactive activities from syncing. Now, both active and inactive activities within the syncing scope will be synced.
  • Fixed a bug that may have caused syncing problems when the Edit Time of a Contact or Activity was blank. This problem was isolated to the German version of Handheld Contact.
BlackBerry Version
  • Added support for syncing Custom Types for Histories, Activities, and Priorities. Previously, only default History, Activity, and Priority types were synced with their correct labels. Now, all custom History, Activity, or Priority types will display in Handheld Contact as they do in ACT!
  • Added support for requiring certain fields to be filled in before saving. Previously, fields considered mandatory in ACT! were not mandatory on the BlackBerry. Now, the rules outlined in ACT! will be followed by the BlackBerry.
  • Added a preference to default the Scheduled With field to be with My Record when creating a new activity. The option to default to the selected contact is still available as well.
  • Added support for the "Personal Email" field by default.
  • Reorganized the task details view by placing the "Regarding" field higher up.
  • Fixed a syncing problem whereby if the Regarding field in a new task was left blank it would appear in ACT! as "NULL". Now, if the Regarding field is blank, it'll also be blank in ACT! after syncing.
  • Fixed a problem that disabled the Save menu item when using the View Contact function. Now, after using the View Contact function and returning to the original screen, the Save menu item will work as expected.
  • Removed the ability to change the Activity type of a Cleared Activity. In ACT! you cannot change the Activity Type of a Cleared Activity and now Handheld Contact also follows this rule.
More information at the GL Computing Handheld Contact page

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