GL Computing September 2020 Special #ActCRM Consulting

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Hi Everyone,
To help our customers out during this downturn, we’d like to offer the following discount for all purchases from Monday 14th September till Friday 16th October.

Per hour work in lots of 5, or more - $95 per hour
Includes design, implementation, training, and support.

These hours can be purchased in bulk and used within 12 months.

Work will be conducted by Mike Lazarus, the only Act! Certified Expert, Sanctioned by Swiftpage, who has spent the past three years contracted to Act!'s QA team testing and advising on new builds.

Edit: After a couple of user requests, we’ve dropped the minimum requirement to 3 hours.

Just fill in the form below, and we’ll contact you to discuss your needs.


If on a small screen, you’ll need to scroll down to get the last fields. Sorry. 


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