What's New in ACT! by Sage 2010

The ACT! 2010 release is focused on a number of major improvements in ACT! and includes customizable opportunities, a redesigned navigation, a new welcome page, e-Marketing* and much, much more. All this enables you to work more effectively, become more productive, and better serve your contacts. You can select one of the following links to go to the specified section in this document.
*Requires additional subscription

New Features and Functionality
This release addresses functionality that users have requested in ACT! and introduces some new features. The following lists highlights a number of the most significant: A new navigation system, Customizable Opportunities, ACT! E-marketing* , a new Report View, new reporting and dashboard components, iCalendar support, and multiple remote database creation.
*Requires additional subscription

  1. Globalization
    • Ability to specify database currency.
      • At the time of database creation, users can specify the currency that will default for all currency values in the database.
    • Allow users from different ACT! languages share a database.
      • Allow users from different ACT! languages to access the same database. Example: A user has French ACT! and creates a database. A user with German ACT! should be able to access the same database.
  2. Opportunities
    • Modify Opportunities in ACT! so that they are completely customizable (like Companies, Groups and Contacts) and users can attach notes, histories, activities and documents to them.
    • Add the ability to associate custom tables to Opportunities
    • Modify the security model of Opportunities to allow users to limit access by teams like they can for Companies, Groups and Contacts.
    • Allow users to create an Opportunity that does not REQUIRE a contact to be associated to it.
    • Allow users to customize the product/services grid in the Opportunities detail view.
  3. Navigation
    • Modify the navigation in ACT! to reflect the accordion style navigation in the left navigation pane as well as adding in “Big Easy” buttons along the top row.
    • After extensive user testing, it was determined that the “Look For” box in the list views was confusing to new and existing users. The “Look For” box has been hidden by default in the list views. If users wish to re-surface the box, they can use the “options” button in the list view and choose “show Look For”.
    • Display the Contact List any time the user looks up all contacts. This is in response to usability test feedback in which users were surprised that looking up all contacts did not produce a list.
    • When a menu has sub-menu items that are never accessible in that view, they can be removed (instead of just disabling them).
    • Dynamic lookup menus so that when the menu is opened in a specific view, the menu options are specific to the view that the user is currently in.
  4. Welcome Page
    • A new view has been added into ACT! to help new users get up and running in ACT!. This new view has links to common start-up tasks in ACT! as well as many Help resources. The tasks in this new view are specific to user types in ACT!, so that non-Admins will not be shown admin-only tasks.
    • The new default view for all ACT! 2010 users is the Welcome Page. However, after closing ACT! 2010 for the first time, users will be prompted to change their default view.
  5. ACT! E-marketing*
    • Added e-Marketing capability in ACT! so that users can access the functionally supplied by Swiftpage™ for marketing purposes and track the results in ACT!.

    *Requires additional subscription
  6. Colour Schemes
      Allow users to choose their colour scheme for ACT! 2010 – either Sage Green or Sage Silver.
  7. Web Info Tab
    • New tab in ACT! that allows users to see context-aware information from the internet in both their Contact and Company views. This tab will come with several ‘canned’ links as well as the ability for users to add links that are specific to their needs.
  8. Remote Database Creation
    • The remote database creation panel has been modified to allow users to create up to 50 remote databases at one time.
  9. Report View
    • New view in ACT! that displays all the reports saved to a Users’ database. In this view, users can specify “favourite” reports, run reports, edit reports and modify the descriptions of reports
  10. New Reports
    • In ACT! 2010, there are 13 new default Opportunity reports included for all users.
      • Opportunities by Record Manager and Process
      • Opportunity Summary by Record Manager and Process
      • Opportunities by Process and Status
      • Opportunities by Estimated Closing Month
      • Won Opportunities and Days Open
      • Won Opportunity Summary by Sales Process
      • Won Opportunities by Sales Process and Competitor
      • Won Opportunities by Sales Process and Reason
      • Won Opportunities by Sales Process and Record Manager
      • Won Opportunities by Sales Process
      • Won Opportunities by Actual Closing Month
      • Pipeline Report by Sales Process and Stage
      • Pipeline Report and Products by Sales Process and Stage
  11. New Dashboard Charts Components and Views
    • 12 new dashboard chart components and two standard new dashboard views have been added to ACT! 2010. The new default dashboard views are the ACT! Administrative Dashboard and the ACT! Contacts Dashboard.
      • Recently Created Contacts
      • Recently Edited Contact
      • Contact History Count by History Type
      • Contacts by Country
      • Contacts by Department
      • Opportunities Open by Product
      • Opportunities with Contact Info
      • Opportunities by Products
      • Opportunity Weighted Total by Stage
      • Remote Database Information by User
      • Remote Database Sync Status by User
      • User Status
    • The 12 new dashboard chart components all pull data from the ACT! database using the new OleDb 2.0 provider.
  12. New OleDb Provider
    • A new OleDb provider (OleDb 2.0) has been provided in ACT! 2010 that gives users access to Group/Company memberships as well as Activity information
  13. iCalendar Support
    • Users can send activity notifications via iCalendar format. If users have scheduled meetings with contacts who have an email address, they can select the item from the schedule activity dialog to “send invitation email” which will send an iCalendar object to the attendees.
    • With this feature, ACT! users who use both Outlook® and ACT! can also choose to create ACT! activities from Outlook meeting requests if they have ACT! and Outlook integration setup completed.
  14. vCard export
    • User types “Admin” or “Manager” can export contact info in the form of vCard either by right clicking in the contact list view or using the “Send vCard” item from the Contacts menu.
  15. Relationship dialog
    • Users now have the ability to resize the relationship dialog
  16. Help
    • Help screen has been modified to use the same design as ACT! by Sage Premium for Web help screen.
  17. Registration/Installation
    • Reduce the number of registration questions that users must complete when they register ACT! 2010.
    • Provide an automated answer file to assist in the silent install* process
      *Delivered as an MSI package. Software to distribute an MSI package is not included. Silent Activation on machines requires Internet access. Users must be machine administrators in order to activate.

Fixed Issues

  • In previous releases, activities with multiple resources appear as separate activities on Task List. In ACT! 2010, they are listed as one activity.
  • The right click menu or Activities Tab and Task List reads - Reschedule Activity3 instead of “Reschedule Activity”. This has been modified to read: “Reschedule Activity”
  • 'Show Cleared' calendar preference is not sticking when selecting via right click/filter calendar. This preference is not sticking. This issue has been resolved.
  • When using the “Copy Calendar” feature, bi-weekly reoccurring activities copy incorrectly to Outlook Calendar. This issue has been resolved.
  • Using the 'Go to Contact' functionality brings up contact scheduled with another user's private activity. This issue has been resolved and private activities are no longer returned to users who do not have access to them.
  • In the mini-calendar on the schedule activity dialog, the 'start time’ calendar un-readable when scheduling activities. This calendar has been modified so that users can see the actual start time on the calendar
  • Activity details were deleted when the date for the Activity was changed. The details are no longer deleted.
  • Activity detail tab color palette duplicates when choosing the color for the detail tab multiple times. The palette no longer duplicates.
  • Removing attachment from activity causes object reference error and red X in task list. This issue has been resolved in ACT! 2010.


  • When sorting relationships by access level, record creator or record manager fields cause list to disappear. This issue has been resolved.
  • In the Contact view on the activity tab, when using the filter drop downs, the drop down menus were truncated and the scroll bars were missing which would not allow users to scroll to all the items in the drop down menu. Scroll bars have been added to these drop down fields to allow for complete scrolling.
  • When sorting the Contact list by certain secondary fields, ACT! freezes.


  • Cleared ACT 3.x, 4.x 5.x (2000) or 6.x (2004) activities were not being marked as cleared during conversion. In ACT! 2010, they are not being cleared during conversion.
  • The Update Database prompt gave no option to cancel. An option to cancel has been added.
  • Converting a 6.x (2004) database changes the create date for records to today. When users convert in ACT! 2010, the create date is preserved from the 6.x (2004) database.
  • Error "Define Fields encountered an unexpected error and has logged the issue" after editing a field if the dashboard is viewed first. This error no longer exists.


  • When “display country code” preferences was enabled in the contact detail view, phone numbers disappear. The default layout fields have been expanded to accommodate the extra data.


  • Weekly calendar print view in Letter Full Page showed the start day in the upper left hand corner is the same as the end day for the week. It now shows the first and last day as range in header like all other weekly prints.
  • Avery ® label 5164 was missing. This label type has been added back in.


  • User specific filters defined in a report template are not respected. This issue has been resolved.
  • Group reports are blank when the user selects the option to include all sub-groups for selected groups. This issues has been resolved. This issue has been resolved.

Handheld Contact computer application release for ACT! 2009, 2008, and 2007

Handheld Contact is pleased to announce an update to the computer console for Handheld Contact for ACT!.

This update of the Handheld Contact computer console is optimized for even better performance when the Handheld Contact computer console has more than 150 users sync ACT! to their phones. "We wanted to improve the performance of Handheld Contact for larger customer installations and enterprise users," says J2X Technologies President and Handheld Contact General Manager Wes Worsfold. "This release v2.1.16.0 increases the number of connections to ACT! allowing larger customer installations to sync more users, more quickly. We recommend customers with more than 100 users to implement this upgrade."

Note for upgrading: Please visit the HHC Downloads Page, select your version of ACT!, and download and run the 'Handheld Contact ACT! Computer Application' to upgrade to the latest version of Handheld Contact.

Handheld Contact is the leading product to sync data from ACT! by Sage to Blackberry and Windows Mobile Phones

Sage eSummit 2.0 – ACT! by Sage Agenda

Sage Business Solutions Australia is presenting their 2nd ACT! eSummit

Wednesday 12th August 2009

To see the recording of the webinar, click here





Sage Marketplace Mike Lorge, MD, Sage Business Solutions As the leading provider of business software for small to medium businesses, Sage has a range of solutions that can automate all areas of your business, including finance, warehousing, ecommerce, distribution etc. This short session will provide a brief overview of the complete range of solution offerings provided by Sage. 10.00 am - 10.15 am
Driving Revenue & Reducing Costs with Email Marketing Bob Ogdon, Swiftpage This session highlights a range of effective tips to make your email marketing campaigns easy, powerful, and cost effective.  Learn how Swiftpage, an integrated email marketing and Sales Force Automation solution for ACT! by Sage, allows you to deliver marketing messages to the right contacts at the right time directly from your ACT! database. 10.20 am - 10.35 am
Personalising ACT! Allen Duet, Global CRM Check out some of the awesome ACT! plug ins available to you on Devnet. This session will showcase how you can customise ACT! with some of these free plugins that work with the latest version. If you've always wanted to pimp your ACT!, this is a session you can't miss. 10.40 am - 10.55 am
Anywhere and Everywhere with ACT! Mike Lazarus, GL Computing Handheld Contact for ACT! allows you to take your ACT! database anywhere and access it from a mobile device such as a Blackberry,  Pocket PC, or Treo Smartphone . Learn how this ACT! mobility solution can increase the productivity of your mobile sales force and field force agents, while keeping them connected and up to date with company and customer records.  By providing simple, easy access to information through wireless devices you can greatly improve the level of service you deliver to your customers. 11.00 am - 11.15 am
Reduce Costs through Accounting Integration with MYOB Josh Noonan, Red Onion Software This session will highlight the benefits of integrating ACT! with your accounting system;, including:• Increased efficiency by streamlining workflows between accounts and front office staff• Increased sales opportunities by Integrating essential client information between ACT! and your accounting systems• Allow sales staff to monitor and manage customer credit• Eliminate dual entry of customer information • The complete solution for optimising workflow and increasing operating efficiency 11.20 am - 11.35 am
SMS Marketing with ACT! Michael Bryant, ACT! Certified Consultant SMS4ACT allows you to make sure your appointments are confirmed by sending SMS to your customers or contacts straight out of ACT!, this way you can ensure that your communication gets to the person and not caught up in the junk mail.  You can also conduct SMS Marketing to your database and letting them about an upcoming specials or events.  Improve the effectiveness of your communication through SMS, all the while tracking these communications against the contacts in ACT! 11.40 am - 11.55 am