Question for ACT! by Sage users with QuickBooks - Updated

GL Computing is in the process of creating new ACT! by Sage integration link for accounting systems. We're most likely going to start with ACT! 2009 and QuickBooks 2008/09 versions unless there is a significant demand for earlier version support.

It's currently targeted for release in Q2 2009, will support international QuickBooks users and add many functions not available in other accounting links for ACT!. More info on these soon.

However, as the different countries/editions use different SDKs to access the data, not all flavours will be in the first release. We want to start with the most popular and then continue to add support for other versions as demanded.

After the QuickBooks versions are covered, we intend to also add other accounting products.

So, the question:
What versions/editions of QB would you like to see supported in the first release?
What do you use or think is popular in your area?

Please state - Country, Version, Edition.

EG: Australia, 2008/09, Enterprise

Feel free to ask any questions or make any comments on the idea or suggested features you'd like us to consider for initial or later versions.

Update: See Accounts Master!