Outright Purchases of #ActCRM v19.0 Punished by @Swiftpage

Dollar fireSwiftpage seems desperate for cash.

Having gone through all the capital they raised from selling SalesLogix, much of it wasted by the Ogdon’s on the shockingly poor “Essentials” project, I hear (from two sources) that Swiftpage has been making losses for the past few months.

Maybe this is the reason that Bob Ogdon’s sons, Mike and Dan, are no longer collecting their pay and have left the company this month?

The lack of understanding of the Act! product and its user base combined with their cash shortage has led them to inflict a bizarre punishment on those who choose to buy outright rather than succumb to their subscription model where they can keep getting revenue without delivering anything useful – As they have just done with v19.1

Beginning with Act! v19.1, this punishment takes the form of the entitlement for Act! Premium being enforced at the .x version level (e.g. 19.0, 19.1, 19.2, etc.).

You can see the message with the new 19.1 updates here:

19.1 Downloads licenses

It carries this warning: Note: This update requires an active Act! Premium subscription or Business Care plan. Business Care customers will require a new serial number.

So, only those covered by a current subscription will get the update and those only on Business Care will have the additional effort of having to replace all their serial numbers.

That is, if your support for an outright purchase ends with 19.0, you won’t get the in-line updates from 19.1. This is especially silly as the there is nothing new in 19.1 except 70-odd bug fixes, and most of those are just fixes to the dialogue boxes truncating text as can be seen here: http://kb.act.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/36573

I’d also point out that the 19.1 Updates are only listed in the US/CA area and not in the international sections. But then, quite a few updates fail to get posted to the international sections.

Rumour has it that they’ll also be doing this tortuous killing of the reputation of Act! for Pro users from v20, onwards and charging extra for in-line bug fixes.

One hopes they might change their mind on this, but if previous incomprehensible decisions are to go by, they will have completely driven the product into the ground by then. I do pity their users as well as their, soon to be poorer, investors.

Act! Premium for Web and IIS Security – Special Offer!

My next article will cover some serious security vulnerabilities in IIS that nearly all Act! Premium for Web sites I’ve looked at in the past week are open to, including Swiftpage’s Premium Cloud on servers like hosted6.act.com

Should anyone who is hosting APFW systems for themselves or others want me to test your system for these vulnerabilities and, if found, fix this security flaw on their systems before I post them publicly, I can do this remotely at $150 per server. Drop me an email via http://about.me/GLComputing 

No charge if the systems are not exposed to these issues

So you’ve nothing to lose!