Is @Swiftpage the worst vendor for support of #ActCRM? (updated 21Mar17)

Lorcan Malone and Rachel Collie pulled my certification for not removing a tweet within 5 minutes, as I said in the post: Don’t trust @Swiftpage contracts including subscriptions. Other than the breach of their own contract, not once has anyone at Swiftpage asked what led me to the conclusion of that tweet that Swiftpage provided the worst support for Act! of any vendor in my 30 years of supporting the product.

However, I thought it worth identifying some of the issues that lead undeniably to that conclusion. Most of these are related to Australian and New Zealand issues, so your results may vary.

One of the early moves by Bob Ogden was to close the Australian support office, leaving the local users without any direct support. This was replaced by a call centre out of Malaysia.

After many complaints about the quality of support from the off-shore call centre in Malaysia, we were promised by Ogden, Malone and Collie that a new Australian support office would be created. These lies became evident as such when the call centre in India was created.

But the Indian call centre doesn’t, even now, provide support for AEM or SPEM. Meaning that Australian or New Zealand businesses have to resort to calling the US whenever support is required on those Swiftpage products.

Ogden, Malone and Collie have also made a great number of promises to have local “micro-sites” built because the US site no longer has support details for Australian and New Zealand users.

This not only creates challenges for local users but the lack of communication with Swiftpage has led to many little issues within the product itself.

While these are relatively minor issues, they do serve well to illustrate the lack of interest that Swiftpage has in the product or, at least, in this region. I had passed all of these onto Swiftpage during the v18 beta and to Michael Bryant of Act Today during the v19 beta as Michael told me he would pass them on.

I will be doing a future blog article containing more serious bugs and issues.

Act! Premium for Web Unsupported Browsers:

If you attempt to open Act! Premium for Web with an unsupported browser, you’ll get this dialogue:


Clicking on the “Tell Me More” link, will take you to the Act! Supported Browsers page.

You’ll note that this page gives the supported browsers for Act! v17, and isn’t even correct for that version.

It does this on act! versions from v17 to v19.1


Australia and New Zealand Welcome Page


After logging into Act! Premium for Web Australian version, you get to this page.

This is a 404 error looking for this URL:

The product group and the web design group at Swiftpage, under Lorcan Malone, have no idea what each other is doing.

Edit: It appears that Swiftpage has partially fixed this one issue by redirecting the AU page to the US one … which, while at least looks better than the 404 Welcome Screen, gives US numbers for support and US resource links.

This shows that, while my asking internally over two years had no effect, making these issues public is the only way Swiftpage will act on them.

Some Other Incorrect Links

  • Help | About | Tech Support - Goes to US site
  • Help | Service and Support | Contact Info - Goes to US site
  • Welcome Screen - Have questions? - Both links go to US site
  • Welcome - Live Demo - US time frame
  • Windows version - All Programs > Act! Connect Link > Act! Connect Link on the Web - Goes to US site with no info on Act! Connect Link

The reality is that the entire process of development, all the way through QA, has such little control and care built in that they can’t even get these simple things right.

Even the recently released v19.1 is basically a set of fixes for display issues that were in v19.

This lack of attention to detail can be shown throughout the product. Many of the other bugs I’ll be posting show that the poor quality control has more serious consequences than the display issues they targeted in v19.1