Third update since last week's #ActCRM v19 release.

Flame 3 digit phone wallpaperUpdate 3 is being rolled out now via the Act! notifications and slipstreamed into new installs. It’s quite the mess. So far, I can’t see a published Knowledgebase article on what it fixes and it's not on the downloads page yet.

  • It notifies the user that there is a new update.
  • When the user clicks on the toaster message they just get told they need to be an administrator
  • So, you open Act! as an administrator, but there’s no obvious method to "Check for Updates"
  • You need to select "Act! Notifications" from under the Help Menu
  • It informs you that it updates the database when opened with this update, but the database version in Actdiag doesn't change. So you can't easily tell which databases might have been updated. Edit: It doesn’t seem to actually update the database with this update

According to Swiftpage’s President and COO, Lorcan Malone, they supposedly held held off on releasing v19 till January to ensure stability and avoid exactly this type of mess. Makes you wonder if the Product Manager in charge of version 19 has stayed on holiday – Or should have stayed there.

Makes you also wonder how many more updates it will take before they start addressing some of the serious issues with this release that adds nothing new and is essentially just bug fixes


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